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Hi! I'd like to take over your account, if you'd let me.

Hey :) I’d be happy to give you the account. Nobody else has responded to my offers yet so if they don’t within like the next day or so it’s all yours :) Let me know if you still want it

One more thing..

Oh, and I apologize for all of you that offered to take over the account but didn’t get a reply… In my defense, there were about 75 of you asking to own the account, so I had to choose between all of you. So Thank you so much for offering!

Sorry, Sorry

I know I’ve said it a million times for being inactive, which is why I’m giving the account away… But I’ve gotten back to some people about it but it’s unbelievably difficult to pick someone because SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO OWN THIS ACCOUNT it’s crazy flattering! Thank you everyone for your support and patience, and know that this account WILL be active again soon! Except.. It wont be me posting anymore, or maybe I’ll just be a really casual co-owner. BUT ANYWAY. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I love you all so much, don’t give up on me yet! More and new smut is on it’s way!

Are you still looking for a new owner?(:

Hey if youre still interested in the account you’re in line for it. I already offered it to two other people so far but if they’ve lost intrest in it or if they don’t get back to me then it’s all yours! Let me know if you still want it

Hey, I'm interested in taking over this account. I'm a huge fan, and I have a fanfic called Escape on wattpad, so that means I write, and I would take good care of this account.

Hey! I know this is super late but if you still want the account you can have it, but I already offered it to someone else as well, so you two would be sharing it if that’s alright with you :) Thanks so much! Let me know if you’re still interested!


I had a brilliant idea! Instead of taking this account down, I would like to pass it down to someone. Inbox me if you are interested in owning this account, or ask other people! That’s like, 900 free follows man, all you need to do is post smut on a fairly regular basis!!

You should make a goodbye post but don't take the page down!!! You have good smut on this page! Pleas please please don't take it down!

Ok ok I wont take it down, I’ll leave it up for you guys to enjoy… Unless I can find someone to take over the page for me ……

you are leaving the fandom :-(

Yes. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and, I still love the boys but there is so much drama and it takes up so much of my life so I decided it would be best to leave

Deep Apologies

I will soon be taking this account down, as I am no longer a part of this fandom and no longer read any smut that I can provide to you guys. I will be doing one last huge smut-spam in the next couple of days. Suggest anything, I’ll basically be reading smut for a straight two days to get some good ones for you guys (not just Larry). I apologize for this, and thank you guys so much for your support and for following! I will see you guys in a couple of days. REMEMBER TO ASK FOR ANY TYPE OF SMUT YOU LIKE. YOU HAVE TWO DAYS. GO!